POLT 797/897E




Writing in POLT 797/897


Role Playing

Transnational Issues Presentation

Concepts and Goals


Haass, "Where to go from Here"

Ingram, "Bounded Rational Policy Analysis"

Unknown, "Political Socialization"

Jervis, an outline from Perception and Misperception in International Relations, Chapter 4, "Cognitive Consistency and the Interaction between Theory and Data," and Chapter 6, "How Decision-Makers Learn from History," pp. 3-5

QATAR Role-Playing Readings:

NYT, “5 Arab Nations Move to Isolate Qatar,” 5 June 2017
BBC, “Why Qatar is the focus of terrorist claims,” 13 June 2017
NYT, “How the Saudi-Qatar Rivalry, now Combusting, Reshape the Middle East,”13 June 2017
BBC, “Qatar demands difficult to meet,” 25 June 2017
Foreign Affairs, “How Saudi Arabia Botched its Campaign Against Qatar,” 12 July 2017
BBC, “Qatar crisis - What you need to know,” 25 July 2017

Ingram, "A Useful Concept of National Interest and Goals"

Ingram, "A Useful Concept of Causation"

My website: Ingram, “Policy”

Ingram, vu-graph, "The Concepts of Victory and Military Victory"

Ingram, vu-graph, "Cost/Benefit Analysis"

Ingram, vu-graph, "Limited War"


Cold War in Europe

Southeast Asia and South Vietnam

vu-graphs (Hoffman's views on military interventions)

Zoellick, IISS, "Fragile States: Securing Development" Sep 2008

Ingram, "When Thinking about Military Intervention"

Ingram, "Considerations for the Use of Military Force"

Thurer, "An Internal Challenge"

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Kuwait War



Ingram, "Morality and Ethical Reasoning in International Relations"

Survival, Fisher, "Does Morality Matter in Security Policy"


Ingram, "A Useful Concept of Power"

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Ingram, "Preemption and Prevention"

Jordan, Chapter 14, "Asymmetric Conflict, Terrorism, and Preemption," pp. 303-308

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"Nuclear Order of Battle, 1962"

Sherwin, "The Cuban Missile Crisis at 50: In Search of Historical Perspective," Fall 2012

The Malin Notes: "Glimpses Inside the Kremlin during the Cuban Missile Crisis," Fall 2012

Gavin, National Interest, "Lessons from the Cuban Missile Crisis," 26 Oct 2012








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